Main Products

we have been supplying to end-customers reverse-engineered
components of following gearbox brands

Amarillo, Bauer, BHS SOG, Bonfiglioli, Brevini, CAVEX, Cleveland Gear, Daneli, DEMAG, Dodge, Elecon, Falk, Flender Himmel, Flender, FlSmidth FOC, Formosa, Guomao, Hansen, Hitachi, IHI, JSW, Kalmar, KONE, Kumera, Lohmann + Stolerfoht, Makishinko, MAN GHH, P&H, Radicon, Paharpur, Primetals, Santasalo, SEW, Shanthi, Siemens Flender, SKK, SMS Meer, SPX Marley, Sumitomo Paramax, Svedala, TGW, ThyssenKrupp, Trevini,
G. Elli Riduttori Seites, Valmet, Voith, ZF.


Spiral Bevel Gear

Bevel (spiral/straight), cylindrical, helical, spur, planetary, worm or any combination types

From a very small module to a very large module, metric or DP. Low speed, high torque or high-speed, high-power applications. Gears are produced using appropriate materials, heat treated and finished to required quality classes per AGMA/DIN.
For demanding applications without compromising on quality, we work exclusively with a few European partners to supply top class products with full documentations. 3rd party certification is also available.
For flexible, price-competitive and fast delivery, we work with partners
in Asia, especially from China and India.


We supply products made by some well-known OEMs, European or Asian origins.

Series products or custom-made and drop-in solutions. Low speed, high torque applications or high-speed applications for turbomachines.We occasionally deal with gearmotors.
Mechanical Power Transmissions


fluid couplings, gear couplings, disc couplings, etc.
Slew bearings, especially large ones

fluid coupling

hydrokinetic device used to transmit rotating mechanical power
Cardan shafts and spindles (for steel industry). Screw shafts and worm screw jacks. Bearings, roller or plain;
backstops; shaft locking devices. Brakes, clutches and friction discs. Fabricated parts such as gearbox casings.
Power transmissions and conveyor chains
Castings and Forgings
Castings of gray/nodular cast irons, cast steels, alloy steels, wear/heat/corrosion resisting steels;
Special alloys, ferrous or non-ferrous such as bronze